• China establishes tourism


    China establishes tourism in contested islands

    China will start running cruises to challenged islands in the South China Sea, as part of efforts to promote tourist in the area.

    The China Daily reports that a brand-new large cruise ship will begin cruising to the Paracel Islands (understood in China as the Xinsha Islands) in July. This will be the second liner to cruise to the disputed location, following the launch of a smaller ship previously in 2012.

    The cruises will run to and from the port of Sanya, a popular resort location on Hainan Island.

    I’m positive about the potential customers of the Xisha tourism market, as numerous travelers want to have a look at the mysterious islands.

    China initially began operating passenger cruises to the Paracels in March 2016, using a 300-passenger vessel to run up to 5 voyages each month from Sanya.

    The statement of the brand-new cruises follows current comments, also carried by the state-run China Daily, that the contested islands might be developed into luxury Maldives-style tourist destinations.

    Xiao Jie, mayor of Sansha China’s management Centre in the Paracels said he is planning to establish some islands and reefs to accommodate tourists. He added that advancement would only occur in locations that do not need a military presence.

    The Paracel Islands are managed by China, but parts of the island chain are likewise asserted by Taiwan and Vietnam.